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With over a decade of experience in metaphysical practices and the mystics of witchcraft Candace has developed a variety of psychic abilities and obtained knowledge of powerful occult rituals.  she offers a number of spiritual services. Tarot Readings include an energy cleanse, small incantation or charm, and the physical summary of your session. As a Medium Candace has the ability to perform Spirit Channeling, to summon the souls or entities from realms beyond. Spell work and Rituals can be tailored to your individual needs. A seance is considered to be the channeling of spirit for one group. A group reading would require any clients to be called upon in a non-private room of individuals. A Tarot "Potluck" style party is a fun way to allow clients a private reading while still having a gathering to celebrate the occasion.  Remote Viewing is a powerful tool used to connect via energy and clairvoyance. This allows a psychic connection between the viewer and client and gives access to your local spiritual energy. Like any modern medium, Candace is available at request to travel to you, within reason. In many cases for long distance clients Remote Viewing may be suggeted.



Tarot Reading & Channeling *$60 per hr

Ritual & Spellcasting *$100-$200 per hr

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Tarot & Ritual
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I am honoured to join you in your spiritual journey! Thank you!

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Candace Reed

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